Dress Code/Uniform

Cafferata Elementary is a uniform school. The policy requires all students to be properly dressed upon arriving at school and throughout the instructional day. The ideas and reasons behind the establishment of the Uniform Policy include:

  • “Dress for Success” – many schools that have adopted uniforms have seen that students who wear uniforms are more likely to take a serious approach to attending school. At Cafferata Elementary the uniform policy is designed to help focus the students on educational importance of the school day.

  • Improving School Spirit – the uniforms are designed to build a sense of unity and pride in being part of Cafferata Elementary.

  • Improving Self Image – students no longer have to worry about designer labels and its effect upon their self-image or individuality.

  • Reducing Distractions and Discipline – uniforms provide a clear definition of what students are expected to wear and how it is to be worn. This removes the distractions of inappropriate dress.

Uniform Guidelines


Polo / Oxford Shirt – plain solid color (any color) with collar, long or short sleeved. Shirts must be logo free. All shirts MUST be tucked in at the waist. Plain belts are highly recommended.

Jackets/Cold Weather

Solid colored zip-up uniform jacket or sweaters. Jacket or sweaters worn during the school day must be the appropriate length, zip up and hang at the waist. Uniform shirts must be worn under the jacket or sweater with the collar showing. Pull over HOODIE sweatshirts are NOT allowed. A long plain uniform color shirt may be worn under the polo style shirt if needed for warmth. Solid color leggings may be worn under skirts for warmth.


Uniform (Dockers or casual style) shorts, long pants or skorts (mid-thigh or longer) or jumpers (mid-thigh or longer with shorts underneath) in khaki or navy blue. Uniform dresses may be worn.
*No Lycra, jean material, or Spandex.


Sneakers or other enclosed style shoe. No open toes, open heels or shoes with wheels. No Crocs, house or bedroom slippers.
**Sneakers must be worn on all PE days.

Items Prohibited

    Jewelry: No chokers, dog collars or spikes. No overly large or distracting jewelry. Other items may be excluded by the administration if they are deemed a distraction to the academic school day. No piercing other than ears.

    Headwear: No hats, sweatbands, or bandanas may be worn during the school day with the exception of a hat for sun protection or warmth while outside for PE.

    Temporary tattoos are not permitted: students will be asked to wash off the tattoo.

Uniform Incidents

Students who do not comply with the uniform policy will be subject to the following:

Minor Uniform Incident - (dressed, but issues with the way they are wearing the clothes) will be addressed through a tracking of offenses and the following disciplinary action will be taken:

1st & 2nd issue – minor infraction form sent home for signature
3rd issue – child waits in the office until parent brings a change of clothes OR clothes may be borrowed from the school swap shop if available.
4th issue - parent contact; parents will need to bring change of clothes

Major Uniform Incident – parent contact; parents will need to bring change of clothes

Administration will determine the appropriateness of anything worn to school.