CREATIVE WRITING CLUB (CWC) with Mrs. Hall K - 5th grade 

Let your imagination run wild at creative writing club. Each writer will work through the creative writing process at their own pace and have a chance to share their work from the Author's chair! Writers of all ages are welcome!

JUMP ROPE with Ms. Pescatrice 3rd - 5th grade  

In jump rope club we will be learning beginning to advanced skills with jump ropes. Also we will be putting the skills together to make routines. It would be highly appreciated if you could bring your own plastic jump rope from home (like the ones given out from Jump Rope for Heart). A $5 donation would also be greatly appreciated!

SPORTS CLUB with Mr. Polinice 5th grade        

Sports club will be an action-packed club, featuring seven weeks of various games and sports activities. We will have a great time learning sportsmanship and rules to team sports. Students are asked to bring a change of athletic-school appropriate clothing and plenty of water, since we will be outside for this club. $3 – 5 donation upon acceptance.

COOKING CLUB with Mrs. Murillo K & 1st grade

Students will prepare various snacks and drinks while learning about proper hygiene in the kitchen. We will make most of our treats with the themes of Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Once accepted into the club, a $10-$15 donation will be greatly appreciated! $10 – 15 donation upon acceptance.

COLORING CLUB with Mrs. Arter K – 3rd grade

Coloring Club with Mrs. Arter is a fun way to interact with friends and relax after a day of school. You are welcome to bring your own coloring supplies to share with friends. $2 donation upon acceptance.


INDOOR FITNESS CLUB with Coach Altman 3rd & 4th grade

Kids Fitness Fun Club: Kids Yoga, Zumba, & cardio DVD workouts. If you have a yoga mat please bring it.

GARDENING CLUB with Mrs. Welsh 3rd - 5th grade

Come join the Garden Club! We will be decorating our own flower pots, learning about plants and Florida's agriculture, and of course planting flowers! This will be a portable Garden Club, meaning you will be able to take your plant home at the end of the seven weeks. $3 – 5 donation upon acceptance.


ARTS AND CRAFT CLUB with Mrs. Guelcher and Ms. Graham   3rd - 5th grade

Arts and craft club will allow students to explore their creativity with a variety of art and craft activities.

ORIGAMI CLUB with Mrs. Graham  2nd - 4th grade

Origami~ Ori meaning "folding" and gami meaning "paper" which is the art of folding paper. If you love the art of folding paper, then you will definitely want to be in this club! We will start with simple folds and move onto more complex as the weeks progress. $2 donation upon acceptance.


SHE IS STRONG CLUB with Mrs. Moran 3rd - 5th grade (GIRLS ONLY)

Develop leadership skills, Develop Self-Esteem/Self-Worth, Develop a Sense of Community and female empowerment. $2 donation upon acceptance.


BOOK BATTLE CLUB with Mrs. O’Grady and Ms. Littman 3rd-5th grade

A reading motivation and comprehension book-related competition for students in grades 3-12 and is sponsored by The School District of Lee County with incentive programs provided by Media Services. 6 Students who met the requirements will be selected for the competition in May. This year, the battle of the books will be held at the Lee County School District and will be televised by Wink News!